Print-On-Demand Jewelry

So you’re chilling at home, coffee in hand, fantasizing about creating your own custom jewelry. But then reality slaps you in the face—upfront costs, inventory, and the fear of nothing selling. We’ve all been there, right?

That’s where Print-on-Demand Jewelry comes to the rescue. You get to make the custom jewelry pieces you’ve dreamed of, without any upfront costs.

How cool is that?

Whether you’re looking to expand your store or you’re just starting out, custom jewelry is a great addition to any print-on-demand store. Plus, jewelry can fit in with a wide variety of niches.

I’ve researched and reviewed countless print-on-demand services and now I’ve got the best of the best print-on-demand jewelry companies ranked so you won’t have to waste any time finding them yourself. And don’t worry, they all still actually offer jewelry.

So, kick back, and let’s dive into the sparkling world of POD jewelry companies.

What Are the Best Print-on-Demand Jewelry Companies?

You might be wondering, “What exactly are these print-on-demand jewelry suppliers, and why should I care?” Well, let me tell you, they’re more than just a trend.

These companies are revolutionizing the jewelry market, allowing you to create jewelry that’s as unique as you are, and they’re a goldmine (pun intended) for print-on-demand product ideas.

Not only do they offer a vast array of high-quality materials, but they also provide the tools you need to design and market your products.

When ranking these companies I was sure to take into consideration a number of factors including, pricing, product ranges, product and print quality, and ease of use.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our top picks for the best POD jewelry suppliers of 2023.

1. ShineOn

ShienOn Home


ShineOn is a US-based print-on-demand jewelry supplier that exclusively deals in quality customizable jewelry.

They have carved a niche for themselves in the market with their impressive selection of custom jewelry items and their commitment to high-quality products. They focus on customer-customized products that are great for gifts. Now, Let’s Take a closer look at ShineOn:

Shineon fet started graphic

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive focus on customizable jewelry items, offering a vast selection of custom jewelry items for personalization. You can count on them for quality Jewelry.
  • A collaborative community of designers for inspiration and collaboration.
  • Emphasis on high-quality materials, including yellow gold and more, ensuring durable and visually appealing jewelry pieces.
  • Customization in each piece is unique to the customer who buys it. These products are great for holiday gifts with customized messages the customers write.


Shineon Jewelry Options

ShineOn operates on a per-item pricing model. The cost of each item depends on the type of jewelry and the material used. You can customize anything from keychains to watches and the price reflects accordingly. They are known for their fair pricing and the high quality of their print-on-demand jewelry products.


  • Exceptional craftsmanship: ShineOn being focused on just jewelry means that they have a very high standard for the quality of their jewelry and prints.
  • Detailed Customization: Due to their quality control it allows you to offer intricate work for your jewelry.
  • Dedicated customer support: They have a strong customer support team to provide assistance throughout the customization process.
  • Transparent pricing: This is pretty straightforward, they don’t have any hidden fees. You pay the price listed for the product, plus any customization fees, plus shipping costs. It’s as easy as that.


  • Higher pricing: Compared to other print-on-demand jewelry providers their prices are a little higher, but you’re paying for that level of customization and quality.
  • Limited customization: The amount of customization options can be limited due to the nature of small jewelry, most of their customization comes in their packaging that customers can customize.
  • Longer fulfillment times: During the holidays you can expect possible slow fulfillment times, but that is expected for this business of custom products.

Overall ShineOn is the go-to for those seeking high-quality customizable jewelry that’s great for gifts, that makes them stand out on top of other suppliers. While they have higher pricing, this is what it takes to get high-quality products. Plus, it’s not like you’ll be paying it up font.

Who Is It For?

ShineOn is for those looking to offer a customization experience to the customer. They specialize in each piece being unique to the customer who buys it. So if you are looking to put the customization in your customer’s hands, look no further than ShineOn. Get started selling high-quality jewelry for free today!

2. CJDropshipping


CJDropshipping is a renowned name in the dropshipping world and now the print-on-demand world. With CJ now offering POD services they are starting to become a name in the industry, with jewelry being no exception.

With a vast network of reliable Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, they provide high-quality POD jewelry products at competitive and reasonable prices. Now let’s take a closer look at CJDropshipping:

Key Benefits

  • An extensive network of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers provides access to a wide range of jewelry options at competitive prices.
  • Extremely large selection of jewelry products even beyond whats customizable
  • Integration with popular eCommerce platforms for streamlined business operations.
  • Print-on-demand and dropshipping services are available for flexible business models.


CJDropshipping pricing plans

CJDropshipping operates on a pay-per-item model. The cost of each item varies depending on the type of jewelry and the level of customization as well as the provider you choose. However, they have transparent pricing, making them a popular choice in the business world.

They also offer Monthly plans that include their lowest tier costing $16/month and their Advanced plan coming in at $60/month, the higher the plan more coupons, sourcing requests, and VIP products you have access to.


  • Efficient order fulfillment: CJ is known for its timely fulfillment and processing times, ensuring timely delivery.
  • User-friendly interface: They focus on useability on their platform for easy product selection and customization from multiple suppliers.
  • Robust customer support: They have a strong customer support team to help you with any snags you hit along the way, including live chat and email assistance.
  • Wide selection: CJ offers a huge selection of jewelry designs and materials.


  • Limited control over quality: The manufacturing process, may result in quality variations or inconsistencies. But that comes with Chinese manufacturing and cheap prices.
  • Longer shipping times: For international orders distance and potential customs clearance can cause longer shipping times.
  • Potential communication barriers: When dealing with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers sometimes you have to deal with language barriers. Nothing you can’t get around in the 21st century.

Overall, CJDropshipping is a gem for those looking to shine in the print-on-demand jewelry business. With a blend of classic dropshipping and POD services, it offers a treasure trove of high-quality jewelry options at competitive prices.

Although they suffer from longer shipping times, as long as you communicate this with your customer, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Who Is It For?

CJDropshipping is perfect for newbies in the print-on-demand scene who also want a taste of dropshipping. Their hybrid approach means you don’t have to customize every single item. Looking for killer prices and a diverse product lineup? This one’s got your name on it. Give CJ Dropshipping a free spin today!

3. Contrado

Contrado Home Page


Contrado is a POD company that focuses on luxury print-on-demand products from fabrics, to dresses, to jewelry.

While their selection may be slim their jewelry is more on the high-end side, so you can expect quality.

Their selection includes jewelry accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, and cufflinks. Contrado emphasizes the use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship in its jewelry products.

Contrado Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Focuses on creating luxury products and accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, wristbands, and cufflinks, catering to a specific niche.
  • Offers a catalog of beautiful and elegant designs for those who prefer pre-designed options, providing a convenient selection for customers.
  • Allows for customization and personalization of jewelry designs, ensuring unique and personalized pieces if that’s what you dig.
  • Emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship, guaranteeing the durability and visual appeal of their jewelry products.


Contado Jewelry Options

Contrado operates on a per-item pricing model. The cost of each jewelry item varies based on the type of jewelry and the level of customization.

They aim to offer competitive pricing for their custom jewelry products, but being a luxury print-on-demand supplier their prices are definitely higher than others on this list.


  • Luxury jewelry: Contrado is one of the only options to get into really high-quality luxury jewelry while staying in print-on-demand.
  • Pre-designed options: If you don’t want to create your own designs you can choose to use their pre-designed elegant and ready-to-purchase jewelry.
  • High-quality materials: Focusing on luxury, every product they make even beyond jewelry is made to be high-quality.
  • Customization capabilities: Contrado offers all-over print options on all of their jewelry as well as their jewelry boxes.


  • Less common jewelry designs: Limited availability of mass-produced jewelry designs compared to some other companies. This could reduce the customers you reach but some might see it as unique.
  • Higher pricing: This is a given, your products are high-end, and the price reflects that
  • Longer shipping times: International orders extended delivery timelines for customers. This could be an issue for some, just be sure to be transparent of these times with customers.

Overall, I think Contrado is a goldmine for anyone looking to start a luxury business. With a focus on luxury products like jewelry, clothing, and all kinds of other items, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to get into the luxury scene.

Who Is It For?

Contrado is for anyone looking to start a luxury brand. If your dream is to have an online store full of high-quality, high-ticket items, look no further. Their offerings beyond jewelry make it perfect for someone who doesn’t want to deal with multiple suppliers. So why wait? Try out Contrado today for free today!

4. Printify

Printify home page


Printify is a well-known player in the POD services industry, offering a vast variety of products sourced from partners worldwide.

They stand out with their custom engravings for pieces like pendants and personalized designs for jewelry boxes. Now, let’s take a look at what Printify has to offer:

Printify overview

Key Benefits

  • Offers consistent quality with all of their print-on-demand products, so you won’t have to worry about inconsistencies.
  • Extensive product variety sourced from partners worldwide, providing a diverse range of products beyond jewelry.
  • Integration with popular eCommerce platforms, making it easy to manage and sell customized jewelry products.


Printify subscription plans

Printify operates on a per-item pricing model. The cost of each item depends on the type of jewelry and the level of customization. They are known for their competitive pricing and the high quality of their products. They also offer a Premium and Enterprise plan that offers up to a 20% product discount as well as additional stores.


  • Competitive pricing: With multiple providers under the Printify name they offer multiple pricing options as well as shipping options.
  • Global network: They have a global network of reliable print providers, ensuring high-quality output.
  • User-friendly interface: Their user interface is extremely beginner-friendly with real-time product previews for creating designs.
  • Customer support: Printify has one of the best customer support teams in the business. offering responsive, knowledgeable, and timely assistance.


  • Limited control over the production: Items are sourced from various partners, which may lead to variations in quality or consistency. With this said it’s still some of the highest quality in the industry.
  • Shipping costs: For some regions, this may affect the final product pricing for customers and could eat into your profit depending on your pricing model.
  • Limited availability of jewelry: They only offer a few jewelry options, they truly excel in their product range.

Overall Printify has a lot going for it but in the end, their lack of jewelry options is whats sets them back. If they start to offer more jewelry options they will definitely be in the running for the top POD jewelry companies.

Who Is It For?

Printify is for anyone looking to start a nonjewelry-specific brand. If your dream is to have an online store full of high-quality products that aren’t just jewelry, then this is for you. So why wait? Try out Printify today for free today!

What is a Print-on-Demand?

What is Print on demand

It’s an e-commerce business model that lets you sell your own custom-designed products without needing to keep any inventory or have upfront costs.

It’s one of the best ways to make money online, especially for new entrepreneurs.

Instead of the traditional retail grind where you buy a bunch of products upfront and hope they sell, print-on-demand is way cooler. You create a design, upload it to a platform offering print-on-demand services, and list it for sale on your store.

When someone buys it, the order goes to the print-on-demand provider. They print your design, package it, and ship it straight to the customer. You only pay after a sale has been made, slashing the risk and upfront cash.

It’s a hit for selling custom stuff like apparel, home decor, and accessories.

You get to be creative, try out different designs, and build a brand without needing a pile of money or dealing with inventory and shipping headaches.

How Can Print-on-Demand Jewelry Benefit You?

Have you ever wondered how print-on-demand (POD) jewelry could jazz up your life? Let’s break it down:

  1. Be Your Own Designer: Want to wear something that screams “YOU”? With POD jewelry, you can create pieces that show off your unique style. Whether it’s a design that’s close to your heart or something to remember a special moment, you’ve got total control.
  2. Kickstart Your Bling Business: Dreaming of your own jewelry store but scared of the costs and the whole inventory mess? POD’s got your back. You can start selling your custom jewelry online without breaking the bank or dealing with a mountain of unsold stuff.
  3. Gifts That Hit the Feels: Need a gift that’s more than just a gift? With POD, you can design jewelry that’s packed with meaning. Imagine gifting a necklace with a secret message or a bracelet with a symbol that only you two understand. Now that’s special!
  4. Mix It Up: Bored of the same old stuff? POD jewelry companies offer tons of options. You can play around with different styles, materials, and finishes. It’s like a candy store for jewelry lovers!
  5. No Inventory Headaches: Forget about stocking up or getting stuck with last season’s leftovers. With POD, each piece is made when ordered. You sell it, they make it. Easy-peasy.

So, what’s the big deal with POD jewelry? It’s all about freedom, creativity, and opportunity without the hassle. Whether you’re a style guru, a budding business tycoon, or just someone who loves giving awesome gifts, POD jewelry’s got something for you.

Think of it as your ticket to a world where jewelry is more than just an accessory. It’s a statement, a business, a gift, and a whole lot of fun.

Buyers Guide: How We Conducted Our Research

  1. Digging Deep Online: We didn’t just Google around. We dived into legit industry sites, blogs, and review platforms. We checked out what real customers are saying to figure out who’s hot and who’s not in the jewelry game.
  2. Checking Out the Bling: We looked at the sparkle and shine of each company’s jewelry. We wanted to see what materials they’re using, what cool customizations they offer, and if they can whip up something unique just for you.
  3. Price Tag Inspection: We’re all about getting the best bang for your buck. So we compared prices, including the sneaky extra costs like customization and shipping. We found the ones that won’t break the bank but still deliver quality.
  4. Ease of Use: We played around with their design tools and checked how they work with popular online stores. If it’s a pain to use, it’s a no-go. We picked the ones that’ll make your life easy.
  5. Customer Service: Ever had a bad customer service experience? Yeah, we hate that too. We looked at how fast they respond, how they handle problems, and if their refund policies are fair.

Wrapping Up

In 2023, POD jewelry is where it’s at—whether you’re hunting for unique pieces, launching a business, or crafting personalized gifts. Each company has its perks, from customization to quality and pricing. So, weigh your options based on what matters to you.

And hey, unlike some blogs that rank companies that don’t even sell jewelry anymore (yeah, we see you ????), we’re giving you the real deal. Ready to make your dreams shine? Dive in and get creative with POD jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does customization work for print-on-demand jewelry?

The customization process for print-on-demand jewelry products typically involves using online design tools provided by the POD company. Customers can choose from pre-designed templates or create their own designs by uploading images, adding text, selecting fonts, and adjusting placement. Once the design is finalized, it is printed or engraved on the chosen jewelry item.

Can I sell print-on-demand jewelry internationally?

Yes, most print-on-demand jewelry suppliers offer international shipping, allowing you to sell your customized jewelry globally. However, it’s important to consider shipping costs, delivery times, and any customs regulations that may apply when selling jewelry internationally.

Are there minimum order quantities for print-on-demand jewelry?

One of the advantages of a print-on-demand jewelry provider is that there are typically no minimum order quantities. Each jewelry piece is produced individually as customer orders are placed. This eliminates the need for inventory management and allows for the creation of unique designs without the requirement of bulk ordering.

Can I use my own designs for print-on-demand jewelry?

Yes, many print-on-demand jewelry suppliers allow customers to upload their own designs and artwork for customization. This gives you the freedom to create truly unique and personalized jewelry pieces. However, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary rights and permissions for any copyrighted or trademarked designs you use.

What materials are used for print-on-demand jewelry?

A POD jewelry supplier often offers a range of materials to choose from, including sterling silver, gold-plated options, stainless steel, and other metals. The availability of materials may vary depending on the specific POD company and its product offerings.

Does Printful Offer Jewelry?

No, Printful no longer offers jewelry in their wide range of print-on-demand products. They do however many other accessories you could start your business with.

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