Printify Vs Printful

Have you ever found yourself stuck between Printify and Printful, not sure which way to go? Yeah, I’ve been in that spot too. Starting a print-on-demand business isn’t easy, and picking the right print provider feels like a big deal.

When I was just starting, Printify seemed like the budget-friendly way to go, but I wasn’t sure. Printful had a good rep, but was it worth the extra cash? And let it be known, that these questions are headache-inducing to research yourself.

But let me tell you, those headaches were just growing pains. I figured it out, and now I’m here to help you do the same.

Printful and Printify have been competing for a while, and that’s good for us. They’ve both stepped up their game (and continue to do so). So let’s break it down together like we’re dissecting a frog in biology class (but way less gross). We’ll look at every detail and find the best fit for you.

Ready to dive into Printify vs Printful and make this decision a whole lot easier? Grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get to it!

Printful vs Printify: Which is best


printful graphic

Imagine this – a one-stop shop for all your print-on-demand needs, from snazzy t-shirts to cool mugs, all customized with your unique designs. Printful is like your backstage crew, handling all the printing and shipping, leaving you free to unleash your creativity and focus on marketing. Now let’s move into what really makes Printful stand out.

Why Printful Rocks:

  • A HUGE Selection: A top-notch variety of products to choose from. It’s like a candy store for e-commerce!
  • In-House Printing: Quality control is on point since they do all their printing in-house. No more worrying about dodgy prints!
  • White-Label Service: Your brand stays front and center. It’s all about you, baby!
  • Compatibility: Plays nice with big-name e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy. No compatibility issues here!
  • Extra Services: They even offer warehousing and the entire fulfillment process. Talk about going the extra mile!

Where Printful Lacks:

  • Pricing: Printful’s pricing can be a bit steep compared to other print-on-demand services. But remember, you get what you pay for, and with Printful, you’re paying for top-notch quality and service.
  • Limited Print Provider Options: With Printful, you don’t have the option to choose your print provider. This might not be a big deal for some, but I see it as a guarantee of consistently high-quality products.
  • Shipping Costs: While Printful offers worldwide shipping, the costs can add up, especially for international orders. This could potentially affect your profit margins.

The Quick Printful Review

If you’re someone who values top-tier quality, doesn’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks, and wants to offer your customers a premium, personalized experience, then Printful is your champion.

With A HUGE Selection of products, In-House Printing, and White-Label Service, Printful’s like the candy store of e-commerce. They even go the extra mile with Extra Services like warehousing and fulfillment.

But hey, no one’s perfect. Printful’s Pricing might be a bit steep, and there are Limited Print Provider Options and Shipping Costs to consider. But remember, with Printful, you’re paying for the Rolls-Royce of print-on-demand services – a little pricier, but oh so worth it!

Ready to level up your print-on-demand game and give your customers the premium experience they deserve? Click here and start with Printful today. It’s time to make your business shine!


Printify overview

Picture this – having a global network of printing partners at your fingertips. That’s Printify for you. You whip up your designs, pick your printing partner, and they take care of the rest. It’s like having your own personal printing army! Now let’s get into what makes Printify stand out as a game-changer:

Where Printify Shines:

  • Worldwide Network: A worldwide network of printing partners means you get the best deal. It’s like having your own personal shopper!
  • Competitive Pricing: Their pricing is super competitive, thanks to multiple supplier options. More money in your pocket!
  • Mockup Generator: Their mockup generator is so easy to use, it’s practically child’s play. No tech wizardry required!
  • Integration: Integrates seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms. No headaches here!
  • Product Variety: Offers a wide variety of products. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Where Printify Lacks:

  • Quality Depends on Print Provider: Since Printify works with a network of print providers, the quality of your products can vary. This means you might need to do some trial and error to find a print provider that meets your quality standards.
  • No In-House Production: Unlike Printful, Printify doesn’t handle printing in-house. This means they have less control over the production process, which could potentially affect the quality of your products.
  • Customer Support: While Printify offers customer support, some users have reported that it’s not as responsive or helpful as they would like. This could be a problem if you run into any issues or need assistance.

The Quick Printify Review

If you’re someone who’s looking for a worldwide network of printing partners, competitive pricing, and a platform that’s as easy to use as child’s play, then Printify is your go-to.

Their Worldwide Network means you get the best deal, like having a personal shopper. Plus, their Competitive Pricing puts more money in your pocket, and their Mockup Generator is so user-friendly, anyone can use it.

Integration with major e-commerce platforms? No headaches with Printify. And let’s not forget the Product Variety – it’s the spice of life, after all!

So what’s the catch? Quality might depend on the print provider, and there’s no in-house production. Customer support could be better, but hey, with all the options and ease of use, that’s a small trade-off.

Ready to unleash your creativity without the hassle or cost and make your creative business soar? Click here and start with Printify today. It’s time to take the plunge with a platform that’s all about variety, ease, and value!

In the Printful vs Printify debate, shipping times, customer support, and the ability to work with global carrier companies are also important factors to consider.

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them will depend on the specific needs of your ecommerce business.

What Are Printify and Printful?


Printiful Home Page

1. What is it?

Printful is one of the leading print-on-demand companies that lets you whip up custom designs for a HUGE selection of products, from t-shirts to mugs, and ships them straight to your customer’s doorstep.

It’s like having your own personal printing and shipping department, minus the headaches. With their diverse production network and top-notch print quality, they’ve become a go-to print-on-demand partner for many online stores.

2. Who is it for?

Printful is a dream come true for anyone looking to start or grow their e-commerce store without the hassle of managing inventory or shipping.

Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce pro or a newbie looking to start your own print-on-demand business, Printful has got your back. They even offer dedicated account manager support for those who need it.

3. What makes it special?

Printful stands out from the crowd with its in-house production, white-label service, and fulfillment centers. This means they handle everything from printing to shipping in-house, ensuring top-notch quality control.

Plus, your brand, not Printful’s, is the star of the show in all customer interactions. They also offer custom branding options like custom packaging inserts to make your products truly unique.

4. What does it do?

Printful offers a wide range of high-quality products for you to customize, including apparel products like long-sleeved shirts, an easy-peasy design tool, seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms, and even warehousing services.

They are one of the top print providers in the market, known for their quality and service. And hey, if you’re into drop shipping, they already handle the shipping!


Printify home page

1. What is it?

Printify is a print-on-demand service that connects you with a global network of printing partners, including multiple suppliers.

You create your designs for print-on-demand products, pick your printing partner, and they take care of the entire order fulfillment process. It’s like having your own personal printing army for your online store!

2. Who is it for?

Printify is a top pick for anyone on a budget or those looking to offer a wide variety of products in their ecommerce store.

Whether you’re a newbie in the e-commerce world or an experienced seller looking to expand your product range, Printify is a solid choice. They even deliver international orders, so you can reach customers all over the world.

3. What makes it special?

Printify’s strength lies in its network of third-party suppliers and its ability to offer better print quality. This means you can shop around for the best retail price and choose a printer that meets your specific needs.

Plus, their wide variety of products means you can offer your customers more choices, like custom products such as tote bags, cups, and even non-apparel products.

4. What does it do?

Printify lets you choose from a wide variety of products to customize, offers a user-friendly mockup generator, and integrates seamlessly with major ecommerce platforms.

They also offer custom packaging options to enhance your brand’s unboxing experience. And if you’re looking for custom API integration, they’ve got that too!

Printify Vs Printful: The Nitty Gritty

Zoom in, lets get specific

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is a crucial factor when choosing a print-on-demand service. It’s all about how user-friendly the platform is, how intuitive the design tools are, and how easy it is to navigate through the process of creating and listing a product.

A platform that’s easy to use can save you a lot of time and frustration, allowing you to focus on creating great designs and growing your business.

When it comes to ease of use, both Printful and Printify have done a commendable job of making their platforms user-friendly. However, there are some subtle differences that might sway you one way or the other. Let’s dive in and see how they stack up.

Printful Ease of Use

printful editor

Printful is like the best friend you never knew you needed. It’s known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. From creating products, mockups, and descriptions to setting up pricing, shipping, and integrations with e-commerce platforms, the whole Printful platform is a breeze.

Navigating through it is as easy as pie, and the steps to create and list a product are as straightforward as a highway.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use Printful. The platform guides you through the entire process, from selecting a product and uploading your design to setting your prices and publishing your product.

And if you ever hit a roadblock, their customer support is always ready to help. They’re like the roadside assistance of print-on-demand!

Printify Ease of Use

printify editor

Printify, on the other hand, is also a piece of cake to use. Their platform is straightforward, making it easy to add your designs to beautiful products in just a few minutes. This makes it very easy for those who know how to make print-on-demand designs to unleash their creativity.

The process of creating a product, from choosing a product and uploading your design to setting your prices and publishing your product, is simple and intuitive.

Printify’s user-friendly and straightforward website makes creating products to sell a walk in the park. Plus, their mockup generator is a breeze to use, allowing you to create professional-looking product images in no time.


PRINTFUL! Printful’s platform is slightly more intuitive, making it the winner in this category. While Printify didn’t win this one, it’s not to say that they don’t have a super easy-to-use system as well.

Product Quality

Quality is king when it comes to print-on-demand services. You want your designs to look sharp, the colors to be vibrant, and the products themselves to be durable and well-made. After all, your brand’s reputation is on the line.

So, let’s see how Printful and Printify measure up in terms of product quality.

Printful Product Quality

Printful is like the Gucci of print-on-demand. They’re known for their high-quality products. They pride themselves on their exceptional printing quality, and it shows in the final products.

From the vibrancy of the colors to the sharpness of the designs, Printful’s products are top-notch.

But it’s not just about the printing. Printify offers a wide variety of products, from custom products such as tote bags to cups, giving you the freedom to explore some of the best print-on-demand product ideas out there.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. According to user reviews, Printful’s product quality is exceptional. Users have praised the quality of the printing and the products themselves. One user even said, “The quality of the printing has been as good as I’ve seen anywhere, the products are top-notch.

Printify Product Quality

Printify, on the other hand, is like the H&M of print-on-demand. They work with some of the leading print providers in the industry, ensuring that your designs are printed using the latest printing techniques.

However, it’s important to note that Printify doesn’t determine product quality. That depends on the quality of the brand you use for your designs. The good thing is that with Printify, you have the option of choosing from a large variety of brands and products.


PRINTFUL! Printful’s reputation for exceptional quality and the high praise it receives from users give it the edge in this category. It’s like choosing between a gourmet burger and a fast-food burger – both can be delicious, but one is definitely a cut above the rest!


When it comes to pricing, it’s not just about the lowest cost. It’s about getting the best bang for your buck. So, let’s see how Printful and Printify stack up in terms of pricing, using a couple of popular products as examples.

Printful Pricing

printful Pricing

Printful’s pricing is as straightforward as it gets. There are no setup costs, minimums, or monthly fees. You only pay when you or your customers make an order from your store.

The cost of each product includes the product itself and the printing, although some prints and techniques cost extra.

For instance, their Unisex Heavy Blend Hoodie is priced at $21.95, and their Retro Trucker Hat is priced at $14.50. From my experience, Printful’s pricing is competitive, especially considering the high quality of their products and printing. Plus, they offer discounts on bulk orders, which can help you increase your profit margins.

Printify Pricing

printify pricing

Printify, on the other hand, offers a free plan for merchants starting a business, as well as premium and enterprise plans for merchants with growing sales or large volumes. The premium plan costs $29.99 per month and offers up to 20% discount on all products.

For example, their Unisex Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt starts from $18.88, but with the premium plan, it drops to $14.54. Similarly, their Unisex Trucker Hat starts from $17.36, but with the premium plan, it’s only $13.37. From my experience, Printify’s pricing is very affordable, especially if you opt for the premium plan.


PRINTIFY! While Printful has the value of a treasure chest but it is a little pricey. Printify offers a variety of different manufacturers often allowing you to find cheaper options. On top of that, their premium plan gives you access to some crazy good prices.


Shipping is a crucial aspect of any e-commerce business. It’s not just about how quickly the products get to your customers, but also about the cost and reliability of the shipping. So, let’s see how Printful and Printify measure up in terms of shipping.

Printful Shipping

Printful is like the FedEx of print-on-demand. They offer worldwide shipping, and their shipping rates are calculated based on the product type and destination. They also offer express shipping options for those last-minute orders.

Printful’s shipping times are pretty impressive. For clothing items, the average production time is 2-7 business days, and for non-apparel items, it’s 2-5 business days. Once the product is ready, it’s shipped out and on its way to your customer.

The shipping cost depends on the product and the destination, but to give you an idea, shipping a t-shirt within the US costs around $3.99, and each additional t-shirt in the same order costs $1.25.

Printify Shipping

Printify, on the other hand, is like the UPS of print-on-demand. They also offer worldwide shipping, and their shipping rates are determined by the print provider you choose. This means you have the flexibility to choose a print provider based on their shipping rates and times.

Printify’s shipping times vary depending on the print provider, but on average, the production time is 2-5 business days for apparel items and 2-3 business days for non-apparel items. Once the product is ready, it’s shipped out and on its way to your customer.

The shipping cost also depends on the print provider and the destination, but to give you an idea, shipping a t-shirt within the US costs around $4.00, and each additional t-shirt in the same order costs $1.50.


PRINTIFY! Printify’s slightly lower production times and very similar costs give it the edge in this category. I would be weary however as their shipping times and costs could vary between providers.


Integration with e-commerce platforms is a crucial feature of any print-on-demand service. It allows you to easily manage your products and orders, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle. So, let’s see how Printful and Printify measure up in terms of integration.

Priniful Integration

Printful is like the Swiss Army knife of print-on-demand when it comes to integration.

They offer seamless integration with all the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and many more.

Setting up the integration is a breeze, and once it’s set up, you can manage your products and orders directly from your e-commerce platform. Plus, Printful’s real-time order tracking lets you and your customers keep an eye on the order every step of the way.

Printify Integration

printify integration

Printful, on the other hand, is like the Leatherman of print-on-demand when it comes to integration. They also offer seamless integration with all the major e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, and many more.

Setting up the integration is straightforward, and once it’s set up, you can manage your products and orders directly from your e-commerce platform. Plus, Printify’s order tracking lets you and your customers keep track of the order.


PRINTFUL! Both platforms perform well in this category however, Printful’s real-time order tracking and larger integration list give it the edge in this category.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any service. It’s not just about how quickly they respond to your queries, but also about how helpful and knowledgeable they are. So, let’s see how Printful and Printify measure up in terms of customer support.

Printful Customer Support

Printful offers 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and phone. Their support team is knowledgeable and helpful, and they’re always ready to assist you with any issues or queries you might have.

Printify Customer Support

Printify also offers customer support via email and chat however no phone support. Their support team is also knowledgeable and helpful, and they’re always ready to assist you with any issues or queries you might have. However, there have been bad reviews for the Printify customer support.


PRINTFUL! Both Printful and Printify offer excellent customer support. However, Printful’s option to contact them via phone and good reviews of their quick and helpful responses give it the edge in this category.

Printify Vs Printful: Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, folks! The ultimate face-off between Printful and Printify. Both platforms bring a lot to the table with their unique features, quality products, and competitive pricing. But when the dust settles, one platform stands a cut above the rest.

Printful Logo

If you’re all about top-notch quality, seamless integration, and exceptional customer support, then Printful is your champion. It’s like the luxury sedan of print-on-demand – a bit pricier, but packed with features and offering a smooth ride.

On the other hand, if you’re working on a super tight budget, Printify won’t let you down. It’s like the trusty compact car of print-on-demand – affordable, versatile, and gets the job done.

But let’s be real, if I had to pick one, I’d go with Printful. It’s the clear winner in almost all aspects. However, if budget is your main concern, Printify is a solid choice that won’t disappoint.

Remember, the most important thing is to create great designs and offer your customers a fantastic shopping experience. That’s the heart of e-commerce! But don’t forget, the right print-on-demand service can make all the difference.

If Printify and Printful aren’t quite your jam, there are other fantastic options waiting in the wings. So, go ahead and explore these Printify and Printful alternatives.

Top Alternatives to Consider

If Printify and Printful aren’t quite hitting the mark, don’t sweat it! There’s a whole world of alternatives for Printify And Printful out there, and I’ve picked out three that might just be the perfect fit for your print-on-demand needs. Let’s check ’em out!

1. Gelato: The Sustainable Choice

Gelato is making waves as a global print-on-demand company with a focus on sustainability. What sets them apart is their network of printing partners across the world, allowing them to produce and ship products closer to the customer. This not only reduces shipping times but also minimizes the environmental impact.

  • Why it’s Great: If quality and global reach are your priorities, Gelato’s focus on sustainability and creative all-over printing options make them a top contender.
  • Drawback: Unlike Printful, Gelato doesn’t offer a free plan, which might be a barrier for those just starting out.

2. Gooten: The Flexibility King

Gooten is not your average print-on-demand service; it’s the Swiss Army knife of POD. What sets it apart? The freedom to choose your own printing partners, that’s what. You’re not tied to one facility, giving you the power to shop around for the best deals and quality.

Why it’s Great: If you love having options and don’t want to be boxed into one printing facility, Gooten is your jam. They don’t have their own printing houses, which is actually a plus here. You get to pick who prints your stuff, so you can go as budget-friendly or high-end as you want.

Drawback: The downside? You gotta do a bit more legwork to find your ideal printing partner. But hey, a little extra effort for a lot more freedom doesn’t sound too shabby, right?

3. Teespring: The Social Media Maven

Teespring is the go-to print-on-demand service for anyone who’s big on social media. Why? Because it’s built to integrate seamlessly with platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. You can literally sell merch directly from your social profiles!

Why it’s Great: If you’re an influencer or just super active on social media, Teespring is your best bud. You can hype up your merch in your posts and get people to buy without even leaving the app. Talk about convenience!

Drawback: The catch? Teespring takes a cut of your sales, so you’ll have to price your items a bit higher to make the same profit. But considering the exposure you get, it’s a fair trade-off.

Which is cheaper, Printify or Printful?

Printify generally offers lower prices because they work with multiple print providers. But remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean better quality. But if budget is your main concern, Printify’s your guy.

Do both platforms integrate with Shopify?

Yep, both Printify and Printful play nice with Shopify. So if you’re running a Shopify store, either one’s a solid pick.

What’s the deal with shipping times?

Printful usually has faster shipping since they control their own facilities. Printify’s times can vary depending on the print provider you choose. So if speed’s your thing, Printful might be a better fit.

Can I customize my products on both platforms?

Absolutely! That is the name of the game after all. Both platforms let you get creative with your designs. But Printful offers a bit more customization options, like embroidery and all-over prints.

How’s the print quality between the two?

Printful has more consistent quality because they handle their own printing. With Printify, it can be hit or miss depending on the provider. If quality is a big deal for you, Printful’s the safer bet.

Do they both offer customer support?

Yes, but Printful’s got 24/7 support, while Printify’s is a bit more limited. If you’re the type who likes round-the-clock help, Printful’s your go-to.

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