Zazzle Review

Ever tried to find that perfect custom gift but ended up stuck with generic, boring options? Yeah, me too. It’s like hunting for a unicorn in a field of regular ol’ horses.

But hold on to your hats, ’cause Zazzle’s here to solve that problem!

Finding unique, personalized gifts is a pain in the neck. It’s either too expensive or just plain dull.

You spend hours scrolling through pages, and what do you get? Same old, same old. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and downright disappointing.

Enter Zazzle, the online marketplace that lets you customize everything from t-shirts to mugs. It’s like having your own personal designer at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to creativity!

Quick Zazzle Review

Zazzle’s a treasure trove of customizable products. From phone cases to wedding invitations, they’ve got it all.

The good? Endless creativity and quality products.

What’s the catch? It might be a bit overwhelming with so many options, but hey, that’s a good problem to have!

Ready to unleash your inner artist? Dive into this review to discover why Zazzle’s your go-to for custom gifts. Don’t settle for ordinary; make it extraordinary with Zazzle. Let’s get started!

What is Zazzle?

Zazzle Home Page

Zazzle’s not just a website; it’s a creative powerhouse where you can design and purchase custom products.

Ever wanted to slap your face on a mug? Or maybe create some snazzy custom-printed stickers? Zazzle’s got you covered.

Benefits of Print-on-Demand with Zazzle:

  1. Customization Galore: From Zazzle invitations for your big day to personalized items like phone cases, the customization options are endless.
  2. Quality Assurance: Zazzle Printing is known for its great quality, so you don’t have to worry about print quality.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Print-on-demand means no excess inventory, reducing waste.
  4. Global Reach: Sell your custom design products worldwide without the hassle of shipping and handling.

And here’s where it gets really interesting: The print-on-demand market, where Zazzle shines, was valued at a whopping $6.18 billion in 2022.

That’s a whole lotta custom goodies being created and shipped around the world, and Zazzle’s right at the heart of it.

But what really sets Zazzle apart is the Zazzle customer service.

They’re extremely helpful, making sure your order arrived quickly. And with shipping options like free standard shipping and express shipping, you’ll get your custom design goodies fast.

Who Created Zazzle?

Zazzle was born in the creative minds of a team in Redwood City, California. It’s not just a company; it’s a vision to give power to the people to create their own custom products.

Whether you’re looking to create invitations for your wedding or save the dates for a special event, Zazzle’s got the tools to make it happen. And it’s not just about the product; it’s about the experience.

Most customers rave about the good quality of Zazzle’s products. But don’t just take my word for it; an online search will lead you to countless positive zazzle customer reviews. Sure, you might find some negative reviews, but hey, nobody’s perfect!

What makes Zazzle trustworthy? They’re backed by the Better Business Bureau, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is top-notch.

From expedited shipping options to ensure fast delivery to a user-friendly site that makes customization a breeze, Zazzle’s got it all.

And if you ever need help, just reach out to their customer service. The reviews speak for themselves; they’re all about making sure you’re happy with your printed goodies, whether it’s paper products like invitations or custom apparel.

Top Benefits of Zazzle

  1. Create Your Own Style: With Zazzle, you’re the designer. Want a funky invitation for your next party? You got it! The invitation options are endless.
  2. Quality You Can Trust: Zazzle’s products aren’t just good; they’re better quality. From the paper to the print, everything’s top-notch.
  3. Shipping That Suits You: Need it fast? Zazzle’s fast shipping options have you covered. And if you’re a Zazzle Black member, enjoy free premium shipping on all your orders.
  4. Price That’s Right: Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, Zazzle’s price range varies based on your needs. You get quality without breaking the bank.
  5. A Trustworthy Platform: With a secure Zazzle account, you can shop with confidence. Plus, their free shipping on select items is a cherry on top!

Best Features of Zazzle

Zazzle’s not just about printing stuff; it’s about giving you the tools to create something uniquely yours. Here’s what makes them stand out:

Custom Design Tools

Ever wanted to create your own t-shirt or mug but didn’t know how? Zazzle’s custom design tools are user-friendly, even if you’re not a design whiz. With drag-and-drop functionality and a library of graphics, it’s like having a personal designer without the hefty price tag.

Wide Range of Products

From invitations to phone cases, Zazzle’s product range is vast. And the best part? The price and features vary based on your needs, so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget and style. If you’re looking for anything, from print-on-demand canvases to t-shirts, and business cards, Zazzle’s got it all.

Zazzle Black Subscription

Want free shipping on all your orders? Zazzle Black’s the way to go. For just $9.95 a year, you get free standard shipping on all orders, exclusive discounts, and early access to sales. Trust me; it’s a bargain that pays for itself!

Community of Designers

Not feeling creative? Browse through Zazzle’s community of talented designers. You can find pre-made designs that you can tweak to your liking. From professional artists to hobbyists, the Zazzle community is a treasure trove of creativity.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with your order? Zazzle’s got a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They’ll make it right or give you your money back. No hoops, no hassles, just a company committed to making sure you love what you get. Now that’s a company I can recommend!

Zazzle Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Zazzle’s got something for everyone. Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, here’s what you need to know:

Custom Products

The price of custom products on Zazzle can vary based on the item, design complexity, and quantity. Looking to print a single custom mug? You might be looking at around $15. Need a bulk order of business cards? The price per card drops the more you order.

Zazzle Plus Subscription

For just $19.95 a year, Zazzle Plus gives you free standard shipping on all orders. If you’re a frequent shopper, this subscription can save you a bundle on shipping costs.

Sales and Discounts

Keep an eye out for Zazzle’s frequent sales and discounts. From holiday specials to seasonal deals, you can snag some serious savings. And don’t forget to check out their clearance section for last-chance bargains.

Return Policy

Not happy with your purchase? Zazzle’s 30-day return policy means you can shop with confidence. Just reach out to their customer service, and they’ll make it right.

Zazzle Pros and Cons

Every company has its shining moments and a few areas where it could do better. Here’s the detailed lowdown on Zazzle:


  1. Wide Range of Products: From t-shirts to tote bags to wedding invitations, Zazzle’s product catalog is vast. You’re sure to find something that fits your needs.
  2. Quality Printing: Expect crisp, clear prints that last. Whether it’s a photo mug or business cards, the print quality is top-notch.
  3. User-Friendly Design Tools: Even if you’re not a designer, Zazzle’s intuitive tools make it easy to create something special. Drag, drop, and design!
  4. Zazzle Black Subscription: For just $9.95 a year, enjoy free standard shipping on all orders, exclusive deals, and early access to sales.
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Not happy? Zazzle’s customer service will make it right or give you your money back, no questions asked.

Zazzle’s all about quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. With a diverse product range, user-friendly tools, and a commitment to happiness, they’re a standout in the custom design world.


  1. A Plethora of Choices: With so many products and design options, it might feel a bit much at first. But hey, more options mean more creativity, right?
  2. Shipping Costs Without Zazzle Plus: If you’re not a Zazzle Plus member, shipping can add up. But with the subscription, you get free shipping all year long!
  3. Price Variations: Depending on the product and customization, prices can vary widely. But that means there’s something for every budget, from affordable to premium.

While Zazzle’s extensive options can be overwhelming, it’s a treasure trove of creativity. And with options like Zazzle Plus, you can make the most of your shopping experience.

Zazzle Alternatives


Printiful Home Page

Printful is a well-known name in the print-on-demand industry. Like Zazzle, it offers a wide range of products and customization options but focuses more on apparel and drop shipping services.


  • In-House Printing: Printful handles all printing in-house, ensuring quality control, similar to Zazzle’s commitment to great print quality.
  • Global Warehousing: Store your products in Printful’s warehouses for faster shipping, a feature not commonly found in Zazzle.
  • No Monthly Fees: Pay only for what you print, with no hidden costs, much like Zazzle’s pay-per-product pricing.


  • Higher Printing Costs: Compared to Zazzle, Printful’s printing costs can be higher, especially for bulk orders.
  • Limited Integration Options: Fewer e-commerce platform integrations than Zazzle, which offers a more user-friendly design platform.

For more information read our Honest review of Printful.


Printify home page

Printify, like Printful, focuses on apparel and accessories but offers a network of print providers, allowing more flexibility in pricing and quality.


  • Multiple Print Providers: Choose the best provider for your needs, a feature not available in Zazzle.
  • Competitive Pricing: Often lower printing costs compared to Zazzle, especially for apparel.
  • Wide Range of Products: Similar to Zazzle’s extensive catalog, but with different brand options.


  • Quality Variations: Since Printify uses different providers, quality can vary, unlike Zazzle’s consistent print quality.
  • Less Intuitive Design Tools: Zazzle’s design platform is more user-friendly, especially for non-designers.

For more information read our Honest review of Printify.


Redbubble is a platform for artists to sell their designs on various products. While it offers unique, artist-designed items, it’s less about personal customization like Zazzle.


  • Artist Community: A platform for artists to sell, something Zazzle doesn’t focus on.
  • Unique Products: Find one-of-a-kind items not available on Zazzle.
  • Supports Independent Artists: Purchases support individual artists, unlike Zazzle’s more commercial approach.


  • Less Customization: Unlike Zazzle, Redbubble is less about personal customization and more about purchasing artist-created designs.
  • Different Pricing Structure: Redbubble’s pricing can be less transparent compared to Zazzle’s clear per-product pricing.

My Experience Using Zazzle

I’ve always been a fan of personalized gifts, but I never thought I could create them myself. That was until I stumbled upon Zazzle.

I wanted to create custom invitations for my sister’s bridal shower. I had a vision but no design skills. Enter Zazzle.

The Design Process: Zazzle’s design tools were a game-changer. I could drag, drop, and tweak until I had the perfect invitation. And the best part? It was fun!

Quality That Impressed: When the invitations arrived, I was blown away by the print quality. Crisp, clear, and exactly how I imagined. Even the paper felt premium.

Shipping That Delivered: I opted for standard shipping, but the invitations arrived earlier than expected. Plus, I knew that if anything went wrong, Zazzle’s customer service was just a click away.

Price That Didn’t Break the Bank: I was creating something unique, but it didn’t cost me a fortune. Zazzle’s pricing was transparent, and I knew exactly what I was paying for.

The Final Result: The bridal shower was a hit, and the invitations set the tone. Guests were asking where I got them, and I was proud to say, “I made them on Zazzle!”

My experience with Zazzle was more than just a purchase; it was a creative journey. From design to delivery, Zazzle was there every step of the way. If you’re looking to unleash your creativity and want a partner you can trust, Zazzle’s the way to go.

Conclusion: Should You Buy from Zazzle?

Zazzle is more than just a print-on-demand platform; it’s a creative playground where anyone can become a designer. Whether you’re looking to create personalized gifts, business materials, or unique apparel, Zazzle has the tools, quality, and support to make your vision come to life.

Quality You Can Trust: From the crisp print quality to the premium paper and materials, Zazzle doesn’t cut corners. Your creations will look and feel professional.

Tools for Everyone: You don’t have to be a design guru to create something special on Zazzle. With user-friendly design tools, anyone can become an artist.

Price That Fits: With transparent pricing and options for every budget, Zazzle makes custom creations accessible to all.

Shipping That Suits: Whether you need it fast or looking for free shipping with Zazzle Black, you’ve got options.

A Company That Cares: With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and responsive customer service, Zazzle is committed to making sure you love what you get.

Zazzle’s not just a company; it’s a community of creators, dreamers, and doers. If you’re looking to express yourself, celebrate a special moment, or grow your brand, Zazzle’s the partner you want by your side.

Ready to create something unforgettable? Dive into Zazzle today and let your creativity soar!

Frequently Asked Questions About Zazzle

Can I really design anything I want on Zazzle?

Absolutely! Zazzle offers a wide range of products, from t-shirts to mugs to invitations, and their design tools allow you to create, tweak, and personalize to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a design pro or a complete beginner, Zazzle’s platform is user-friendly and fun to explore.

Does Zazzle ship fast?

Zazzle offers several shipping options, including standard, expedited, and express shipping. The shipping speed depends on the option you choose and the complexity of your order. Many customers have reported fast shipping, especially with express options.

What if I’m not happy with my order from Zazzle?

Zazzle stands behind its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your order, simply reach out to their customer service within 30 days, and they’ll make it right or give you your money back. They’re committed to making sure you love what you get.

How does Zazzle’s pricing work?

Zazzle’s pricing varies based on the product, design complexity, and quantity. Each product has a base price, and customization may add to the cost. The price is transparent, and you’ll see the breakdown before you finalize your purchase. Plus, bulk orders often come with discounts!

Can I sell my designs on Zazzle?

Yes, you can! Zazzle offers a platform for designers to sell their creations. You can set up a Zazzle store, upload your designs, and earn a commission on sales. It’s a great way to share your creativity with the world and make some extra cash.

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