Print-On-Demand Dresses

Imagine this: You’re loungin’ on your couch, sippin’ on some iced tea, daydreaming about designing your own killer dresses. But hold up—there’s the buzzkill of upfront costs, stock issues, and the nightmare of your creations gathering virtual dust. Sound familiar?

Enter Print-on-Demand Dresses. Boom! Your fashion dreams just got real, and guess what? Zero upfront costs. Yep, you heard that right.

Why’s this a game-changer? Whether you’re looking to level up your online store or you’re a newbie, custom dresses are a killer addition. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of fashion—fitting into any niche you can think of.

I’ve been down the rabbit hole, checking out all sorts of print-on-demand platforms. Saved you the trouble, my friend. I’ve got the crème de la crème of POD dress companies lined up for you.

So, let’s get this party started and dive into the fabulous world of print-on-demand dresses, shall we?

What Are the Best Print-On-Demand Dress Companies?

So, you might be wondering, “What’s up with these print-on-demand dress suppliers? Why should I give a hoot?” Listen, this isn’t just some trend that’ll fade away.

These companies are totally changing how we think about fashion. You can create your own designs for dresses that are as unique as you. I’m talking hoodie dress, off-shoulder dress, racerback dress, and even women’s skirts and skater dresses. Yeah, it’s a whole wardrobe waiting to happen!

They’re not just slinging any old fabric your way. These folks offer top-quality materials and all the tools you need to design and market your pieces.

When I was sifting through the options, I checked out stuff like pricing, the range of styles they offer (hello, hoodie and racerback dresses!), the quality of the fabric and prints, and how user-friendly their platforms are.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Here are the go-to print-on-demand dress suppliers for 2023. You’re gonna wanna jot these names down.

1. Printful: Best Overall

Printiful Home Page

Alright, let’s kick things off with Printful. These guys are like the rockstars of the print-on-demand world. They’re all about delivering top-notch, high-quality custom dresses. With a decent variety, Printful offers 4 dress options and 1 skirt, all with all-over print options. And let me tell you, their quality is on point!

Key Benefits

Quality that shines: Printful doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality. Your designs will pop on their dresses. They don’t skip on product quality either, which means you get a product that not only looks good but feels good too.

Styles for days: While they only offer four dresses and one skirt, all of them are all over print. This means you can create a huge selection of dresses to fit into your niche or style.

Easy peasy: Their platform is super easy to use. You can upload your designs and start selling in no time. Plus, their platform integrates seamlessly over 20 e-commerce platforms, making it even easier to get your online store up and running.

Inside label option: Printful lets you add an inside label for that extra touch of class. This means your dresses will look like they’ve come straight off the runway from your brand.


Printful's dress pricing and options

Now, let’s talk money. Just like the others on this list, there are no upfront costs. However, Printful’s pricing is a little higher due to their in-house printing and high-quality products.

Their dresses range from $26-$37 which varies based on style and they also offer one skirt at $27. Plus, if you make $12k in sales in 12 months you unlock Printful growth, which grants 20-30% discounts on everything.

Shipping starts at $4 which can stay relatively low even if you are outside the US as they have production facilities in Europe and Asia as well.


  • Premium Quality: Printful doesn’t mess around; their dresses are top-tier. They maintain extremely high-quality control due to everything being printed in-house.
  • Easy-Peasy Platform: Their interface is so user-friendly, that even your grandma could design a dress on it. Plus, their mock-up generator allows you to create top-notch product images like it’s nothing.
  • Branding: Printful allows you to put your own logos on the products and packaging. This is the foundation of a powerful brand.
  • Global Shipping: No matter where your customers are, Printful’s got your back. They ship worldwide, baby!


  • Price Tag: Yeah, they’re a bit pricier than other players in the game. But let’s be real, you’re paying for top-notch quality. No regrets.
  • Shipping Shenanigans: Shipping costs and times can be higher for customers outside of major countries as they only have a handful of manufacturing facilities.

So, overall I see Printful as a go-to for anyone who wants no comprimises for quality. They offer the best print and product quality on this list, while also allowing you to put your brand name on it. If you skip Printful, you’re missing out. Give Printful a try and see for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

For more information read our Honest review of Printful.

2. Printify: Best For Profit Margins

Printify home page

Next up, Printify. These guys are a big deal in the print-on-demand scene, frequently compared with Printful and they’re all about giving you the tools to create your own unique fashion line. With three dresses and three skirts to choose from, you can let your creativity run wild.

Printify stands out in the market as a marketplace of print manufacturers. This gives you access to more choices of colors, prices, and shipping times.

Key Benefits

Variety is the spice of life: As I said, Printify offers three dresses and three skirt variants. This means you can create a diverse collection of dresses and skirts to suit every style and occasion for your customers.

Easy to use: Printify’s platform is super user-friendly. You can easily upload your designs, customize your products, and start selling. Plus, their platform integrates with over 10 ecommerce platforms.

Printify Premium: For serious sellers, Printify offers a premium service. This gives you access to lower prices and priority support, helping you take your business to the next level.

Print Network: Printify has hundreds of different print providers spread around the world. This allows you to choose the best prices, shipping times, and features.


Printify Dresses and pricing

Printify offers pretty good value. Their dresses range from $20-28+ and their skirts range from $15-25+. But here’s the best part: they offer a premium service for just $29/month. This gives you access to up to 20% lower prices and priority support, making it a great option for those serious about selling.


  • Variety Galore: Printify doesn’t skimp on options. Three dresses and Three skirts, mixed with all-over print means you can create a huge catalog.
  • Easy-Peasy Platform: Their user interface is a breeze, making the whole process smooth.
  • Premium Perks: Printify, unlike Printful, has a premium that can be purchased for just $29 a month. The discounted products are great for anyone looking to increase profits.
  • Global Shipping: With a global network of print providers, you get choices for where your products ship from. This not only allows for global shipping but also better prices and times.


  • Inconsistent quality: While the global network is great for prices, it also means you have no idea what quality is coming from different factories.
  • Fulfillment times: Just like the quality, fulfillment times can be all over the place.
  • No Custom Branding: Unlike Printful, they don’t offer custom packaging or labels. So it’s not a great option if you want a white label manufacturer.

In my eyes, Printify is a fantastic option if you’re looking to create and sell custom dresses and skirts at the highest profit margins without completely throwing out quality. They are also a great pick for anyone wanting to run their entire business from one supplier as they have over.

If that’s you, then why wait? Start creating your dream dress catalog with Printify today!

For more information read our Honest review of Printify.

3. Contrado: Best For Luxury

Contrado Home Page

Alright, let’s talk about Contrado. These guys are all about unique styles and extra high-quality products. They’re the go-to for anyone looking to create a luxury fashion line that stands out from the crowd. With Contrado, you can design everything from bodycon dresses to hoodie dresses, and so many other fashion items.

Key Benefits

Unique styles: Contrado offers 13 uniquely styled dresses that you won’t find anywhere else. This means you can create a fashion line that truly stands out.

Quality you can feel: Contrado is known for their high-quality prints and materials made in-house. With their main focus on fabric, you can be confident that the quality will be up to par with your luxury brand.

Easy to use: Contrado’s platform is super user-friendly. You can easily upload your designs, customize your products, and start selling. Plus, their platform integrates with popular ecommerce platforms.


Contrado Dresses and prices

Contrado’s pricing is expensive, but you’re paying for the highest quality available. Their dresses range from $39 all the way up to $190, depending on your choice of style, fabric, and customization. Additionally, they offer wholesale and student discounts with pretty significant savings.


  • Diverse Styles: Contrado offers 13 unique dress styles, each with its own customization options. You’re not stuck with one-size-fits-all here.
  • Custom Branding: They allow you to pay an extra fee per product to have your logo printed on the tag of the item.
  • Top-Notch Quality: Being a fabric company, Contrado’s got the goods. Expect high-quality prints and materials that’ll make your dresses stand out.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Their design platform is a breeze. You can whip up custom designs and mock-ups without breaking a sweat.
  • All-in-One Fashion Hub: Beyond dresses, they’ve got a whole range of fashion products. It’s like a one-stop shop for your brand.


  • Pricey Affair: Yeah, it’s not cheap. You’ll need to target a high-end market and really make some noise to get noticed.
  • Shipping Shenanigans: Costs can vary based on where you’re shipping to. But hey, at least they’re upfront about it, so no nasty surprises.

So, Contrado is a fantastic option if you’re looking to create a luxury fashion brand with a wide variety of custom dresses and so much more. Their quality is great, they’ve got unique styles, and their platform is super easy to use. Plus, they ship worldwide. So why wait? Start creating your dream dress collection with Contrado today!

4. Kin Custom: Best For Branding

Kin Custom Home


Next up, Kin Custom. These guys are all about giving you the tools to create your own unique fashion line. They offer a range of dress styles, from bodycon to t-shirt dresses, and even skirts. Plus, their quality is top-notch, so you can be sure your designs will look fantastic.

Key Benefits

Variety galore: Kin Custom offers a range of dress styles. This means you can create a diverse collection of dresses and skirts to suit every style and occasion.

Quality you can trust: Kin Custom is known for their high-quality prints. So, whether you’re designing a bodycon dress or a t-shirt dress, you can be sure your designs will look fantastic.

Easy to use: Kin Custom’s platform is super user-friendly. You can easily upload your designs, customize your products, and start selling. Plus, their platform integrates with most ecommerce platforms, making it a breeze to set up your online shop.

Worldwide shipping: Kin Custom can deliver your dresses to customers all over the globe. So, whether your customers are in Canada, the UK, or anywhere else, Kin Custom has got you covered.


Kin Custom Dresses and Prices

Kin Custom’s pricing is competitive, and all of their dresses sit right around $30. The exact price will depend on the style and design of the dress. You can also access discounts of up to 15% for bulk or import orders.


  • Dress Variety Galore: Kin Custom offers a smorgasbord of dress styles, from casual to formal. You’re not just selling dresses; you’re offering a style for every occasion.
  • Custom Labels: Want your brand to be front and center? Kin Custom lets you slap custom labels on most of their products and packaging.
  • Print Quality: These aren’t your run-of-the-mill prints. Kin Custom uses high-quality printing techniques that make colors vibrant and details sharp.
  • Easy-Peasy Platform: Navigating their platform is like a walk in the park. User-friendly tools and intuitive design make it simple to upload your designs, set your prices, and manage orders.


  • Mock-Up Generator: In comparison to their competitors, the mockup generator is kind of lame. With just a basic model and no real background or depth, I think they could have done better.
  • Shipping Deets: Costs can get a bit high for distant orders. The good news? They’re super transparent about it, so no nasty surprises.

So, there you have it. Kin Custom is a fantastic option if you’re looking to create quality dresses at a consistent price. Their quality is great, they’ve got a ton of styles, and their platform is super easy to use. So why wait? Start creating your dream dress collection with Kin Custom today!

5. Yoycol: Best for Cheap Fashion

Yoycol Home Page

Alright, let’s talk Yoycol. These guys are the budget kings of the print-on-demand world. They’re often compared to pricier options but don’t let the low cost fool you. With a whopping 82 styles of women’s skirts and 14 styles of dresses, your creativity can go nuts.

Key Benefits

  • Style Overload: Yoycol isn’t playing around. With 82 skirt styles and 14 dress styles, you can offer a fashion buffet. From ruffled miniskirts to plus-size fashion dresses, there’s something for everyone.
  • User-Friendly: Their platform is a cinch to use and integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. Upload, customize, sell. Easy as pie.
  • Discounts Galore: Hit certain sales milestones and you’re looking at 2%-5% monthly discounts. More sales, more savings.
  • Global Reach: They ship worldwide using a variety of carriers that do well at getting your products around the globe reasonably fast.


YoyCol dresses and prices

Here’s where Yoycol shines. Dresses start at about $6 and skirts at $4. Shipping stays pretty cheap around the world too, coming in at around $6 to ship to the US. It’s a budget-friendly dream but beware of the quality.


  • Budget-Friendly: With prices this low, your profit margins will thank you.
  • Quick and Easy: The platform is super intuitive, and they’ve got a free design library to boot.
  • Global Shipping: They’ve got the world covered, so you can sell to anyone, anywhere.


  • Quality Check: While they offer a ton of options, the quality definitely isn’t as high as most other platforms.
  • Fulfillment Time: Production lead times can go up to 7 days, so plan accordingly.
  • No Custom Branding: They don’t offer custom packaging, so if you’re looking for a white-label experience, this might not be your jam.

In my book, Yoycol is a killer choice if you’re looking to offer a wide range of styles without breaking the bank. They’re especially great if you’re just starting out and want to keep costs low while reaching a global audience. Just beware if you’re going this route you won’t be building the most credible quality brand.

What Is Print-On-Demand?

What is Print on demand

It’s an e-commerce business model that lets you sell your own custom-designed products without needing to keep any inventory or have upfront costs.

Instead of the traditional retail grind where you buy a bunch of products upfront and hope they sell, print-on-demand is way cooler. You create a design, upload it to a platform offering print-on-demand services, and list it for sale on your store.

When someone buys it, the order goes to the print-on-demand provider. They print your design, package it, and ship it straight to the customer. You only pay after a sale has been made, slashing the risk and upfront cash.

It’s a hit for selling custom stuff like apparel, home decor, and accessories.

It lets you be creative, try out different designs, and build a brand without needing a pile of money or dealing with inventory and shipping headaches.

How Can Print-On-Demand Dresses Benefit You?

Print-on-demand dresses can be a game-changer for various reasons:

  • Boost Your Ecommerce Business: Adding print-on-demand dresses to your online store can attract a wider audience and increase your revenue. Plus, the POD company handles the printing and shipping, freeing you to focus on design and marketing.
  • Express Your Creativity: With POD, you can design your own fashion line. From bold patterns to minimalist designs, you can create dresses that reflect your personal style.
  • Unique Gifts: A custom dress makes for a thoughtful and personal gift. Whether it’s a bodycon dress with a bold pattern or a t-shirt dress with a quirky illustration, you can impress with a one-of-a-kind gift.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Print-on-demand is a more sustainable option than traditional retail. Products are only made when a customer places an order, reducing waste.

So, whether you’re an ecommerce entrepreneur, a budding fashion designer, or a fashion enthusiast, print-on-demand dresses offer a world of possibilities. Start creating your dream dress collection today!

Buyers Guide: How I Conducted Our Research

Choosing the best print-on-demand companies for dresses wasn’t a random process. I conducted thorough research based on:

  • Pricing: The cost of services was evaluated, including printing, product price, and any additional fees.
  • Product Range: The variety of dress styles each company offers was assessed.
  • Print Quality: Customer reviews and product samples were examined to gauge the quality of the print.
  • Ease of Use: The user-friendliness of the platforms was tested, from uploading designs to managing orders.
  • Shipping: Shipping destinations, costs, duration, tracking, and return policies were all considered.
  • Customer Support: The responsiveness of customer service, availability of resources, and community support were evaluated.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Customer reviews and ratings were analyzed for real user experiences.

This rigorous research process helped us identify the top print-on-demand companies for dresses, ensuring our recommendations are reliable and beneficial for you.

Best Print-on-Demand Dresses: Final Thoughts

After diving deep into the world of print-on-demand dresses and getting the 411 on eCommerce, here’s the skinny:

Queen of the Castle: Printful. They’re nailing it with top-notch prints and a solid lineup of dress styles. Plus, their platform is so user-friendly, you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

Runner-Up: Printify. If you’re all about options, these guys have got you covered with a ton of dress styles. Their premium service is also a steal, giving you more bang for your buck and VIP support.

So, what’s your next move? If quality is your jam, head to Printful. If variety is more your style, Printify’s your spot. Stop dreaming and start doing—go create that killer dress collection now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the production time for these dresses?

Production time can vary between companies, but generally, you’re looking at around 3-7 business days. Always check the specifics on the platform you choose.

What types of neck designs are available?

You’ll find a variety of neck designs, from V-necks to scoop necks and everything in between. The choice is yours!

How does the wear and tear hold up on these print-on-demand dresses?

These dresses are made to last, but like any piece of clothing, the longevity depends on how you care for it. Follow the care instructions, and you’ll be golden.

Can I customize the neck area of the dress?

Absolutely! Many platforms allow you to customize the neck area, whether it’s the design or the print. Just make sure to check the customization options.

Is expedited production time available?

Some companies do offer expedited production for an extra fee. If you’re in a rush, it’s worth checking out.

How comfortable is the wear of these dresses?

Comfort can be subjective, but these companies prioritize wearability. Most dresses are made from breathable, stretchy fabrics for all-day comfort.

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